Many of our students take their love for ballet to the next level when they audition for the Plymouth-Canton Ballet Company's annual production of The Nutcracker! Even our Staff and alumni jump in on the action to play the roles of parents in the First Act!

The studio hosts many holiday parties and other events! We would love for you to join us!

JDE takes on 1D!
Some of our One Direction Fans at the studio all got together to dance all night with their best friends ever! They had a blast!

Because our students are so close, we often hear of them having sleepovers and making new memories with each other!

Our students went to see Shaping Sound Dance Company's performances in Detroit and in Saginaw! It was inspiring for all of our students to see where their favorite art could take them, and it was awesome to see some of Miss Joanne's old students in the cast!

From Prom, to Cecchetti Exams, to Car Washes, and more! Students make friendships to last a lifetime within our studio walls! 

Every September, we have a Back-to-Dance picnic at a local park to give our students and their families some leisure time to catch up on how everyone's summer has been!


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Joanne's Dance Extension
Creating more than dancers...

We have participated in Canton's Relay for Life for several years in a row. We have found this to be a very enlightening experience for our students, and it is a wonderful way to support a cause so near to our hearts.

At Joanne's Dance Extension, we teach more than just dance. We teach your student important life lessons and help them grow as an individual. We encourage a sense of family and get together on many occasions just to socialize. 

Here, it's more than just dance... it's family. 

We will be participating in relay for life 
again this year!
​please visit our
team page to support us!