42020 Koppernick Rd
Canton, MI

Joanne's Dance Extension
Creating more than dancers...

Our Gym Room is inspired by one of our favorite Disney/Pixar movies, Finding Nemo!

The Disney Room is used for our Kinderdance students, so it is filled with our favorite childhood friends!

Our second largest room, The Broadway Room, is decorated with signed posters from successful students and associates. 

The Monet Room is painted with a rendition of Claude Monet's famous mural, Water Lilies. 

As one of the largest dance studios in the area (over 8,000 square feet), we have two large dance rooms and two small dance rooms. Each room has wall mounted ballet barres and floating marley floors (for injury prevention). We also have a gym room with a sprung floor for tumbling safety. The gym room also features a climbing rope and rings.

Please contact us or stop by for a tour, we would love to show you around!


For your convenience, we offer WiFi in our waiting areas. 

Our largest room, The Family Room, is personalized with the handprints and footprints of studio staff and studio families.