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Gymnastics (Ages 2+)

Starting at age 2, we offer a recreational gymnastics program. This program promotes flexibility, strength, and coordination. We are goal oriented and pay special attention to floor exercises and tumbling.

Students may perform in our annual Gym Exhibition. 

Acroline (Ages 8+)

Acroline is for intermediate through advanced dance and gymnastic students.  Acro is a combination of dance and gymnastics, focusing on flexibility. Our students take several classes in dance, gymnastics, and acrobatics in order to achieve the goals they set for themselves.  

These students perform in our annual Gym Exhibition in addition to our annual Dance Concert. 

PrimaryDance (Ages 5-8)

These classes offer a more focused study of ballet, tap, and jazz for this primary age group. Dance courses begin to explore the elements of other styles all while using age-appropriate, popular music. 

Primary ballet courses introduce our pre-ballet program; which lead into classical ballet studies at the age of eight. These classes will teach students the proper terminology in both English and in French.  

These tap courses are a graded system of technique, specializing in musical theater.

We also are including a new jazz-hop program that teaches the students basic jazz skills with a fun, hip-hop style.

​Students perform in three dance routines in our annual Dance Concert, and have the opportunity to perform in our annual Gymnastic Exhibition. 

Contemporary (Ages 8+)  

The Contemporary style is generally introduced to the intermediate dance students. This style explores different interpretations through body movement and gestures.

Based on Classical Jazz technique, this style is becoming very popular. At Joanne's Dance Extension, we use our strong technical background to create a contemporary dance program that helps our students develop exceptional contemporary dance talent.

Our contemporary choreography focuses on current social issues and gives the students a healthy way of understanding and expressing them. 

Hip Hop (Ages 8+)

Hip Hop is a popular, fun, and energetic style of Jazz introduced to our students at the age of 5. Our Hip Hop classes promote enthusiasm and teamwork among all of our dancers. We always use age appropriate music and costuming that our kids love!

 Ballet (Ages 8+) 

Our speciality! The foundation of a strong dancer begins with strong ballet technique. Here at Joanne's Dance Extension, we offer graded academic and classical ballet training for our students. We offer a variety of ballet courses to suit the dancer's needs:

  • Traditional technique classes for intermediate and advanced students
  • Cecchetti graded exam classes for intermediate and advanced student
  • Pre-Pointe classes are available for intermediate students 
  • Pointe classes are an option for advanced intermediate students and advanced students

Tap (Ages 8+)

Our tap program is based on a graded system of classical tap technique. The emphasis of our students' performance is within the areas of production line, rhythm tap, and musical theater.  

Music Theory is introduced and taught in our intermediate and advanced tap classes.

Kinderdance (Ages 2-5)

Through our strategically designed Kinderdance program, boys and girls gain a sense of joy and accomplishment.

These classes have been created to develop basic motor skills, musicality, balance, understanding of right and left, gross and fine motor skills, and proper terminology. 

Sharing this positive experience with their peers, students gain an understanding of teamwork that positively benefits and influences their everyday lives.

Our Kinderdance students perform in two dance routines in our annual Dance Concert, and have the opportunity to perform in our annual Gymnastic Exhibition. 

​​​​To learn ​more about our

Lyrical (Ages 8+)

Lyrical uses a dancer's strong ballet technique and flowing movements to tell a story to the audience.

Our lyrical courses use age appropriate music, and give students a chance to explore their own forms of creative expression through the incorporation and encouragement of improvisation. 

Our choreographed lyrical routines will always showcase age appropriate costumes.

Modern (Ages 8+)

Modern technique is introduced to our advanced intermediate dancers. Our modern classes are based on the famous teachings of Horton, Graham, and Lamone. Modern explores off-centered movement, as opposed to the classical training our dancers receive in their earlier years. 

​Our Classes

       At Joanne's Dance Extension, we understand that every child is unique. Including children
with special needs in all of our programs contributes to acceptance, improved socialization, and
understanding of individual differences among all of our students. No matter what your family's
story is, we have a place in our book for you. 

If your child is interested in recreation, competition, gymnastics, or even a professional dance
career; we have a program for them! 
Children are eligible for enrollment at JDE after they turn two. 
With specialized classes for age groups, we have a program that is perfect for your child— no matter how little (or how much) experience they have with the art.
​Our classes are categorized as follows:

  • Kinderdance Classes (For Ages 2-5),
  • Primary Classes (For Ages 5-8), and
  • Basic to Advanced Classes (For Ages 8+)

Our classes will not only extend your child's knowledge, they will extend your family!

To learn more about the classes offered, please see below. 

Jazz (Ages 8+)

Here at Joanne's Dance Extension, our jazz training is also based on classical technique.

Our intermediate jazz classes incorporate a Traditional Jazz style, which extends into a Broadway Musical style as the students advance.

With a strong focus on musicality and energy, we emphasize strength and utilize flexibility as we help our students develop their jazz technique.