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At Joanne's Dance Extension; we stick to our traditional teaching methods. We are known for our age appropriate music, costuming, and choreography. We also make sure to have family-based activities for our dancers. We can be "hip, chic, and trendy" if needed, but we won't compromise giving our students what they need to be learning for their age and length of study. With a philosophy that respects the individuality of each student, your children will flourish.

We are passionate about providing instruction that is rooted in kinesiology, taking care to ensure the safety of our dancers' bodies long-term. We will never push a student to perform risky tricks or movements that could cause damage to their joints or muscles, and strive to provide instruction that improves each dancers' strength and flexibility while prioritizing safe dance movement habits. 

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Joanne's Dance Extension's Artistic Director, Joanne Zavisa, has been
involved in dance education from the very beginning of the craft's arrival
to our area. As a founding member of Masters of Dance Arts
,  Joanne
found inspiration. Passionate about creating moving works of art, self-
expression, and proper training— Joanne's ​love for the art of dance
flourished into a love for teaching it. 
Joanne created magic with Masters
of Dance Arts from 1975 until 
1984, when she split off to create something
more. Joanne was inspired to create a legacy; but she didn't know exactly
how large of a footprint she would leave on dance education until years later.  

In 1984, Joanne established a dance studio like no other: Joanne's Dance Extension.
Rooted in training lasting dance technique, compassion, confidence, time-management,
dedication, and artistic expression; Joanne's Dance Extension built a strong foundation for our local dancers
to grow from. This foundation has led many of Joanne's students to perform professionally not only across the country— but across the globe. Other students of Joanne have gone on to become dance educators themselves— some of which even opening their own dance education facilities! Every single studio in the local area has a connection with Joanne and her passion for dance education. Talk about a legacy!  

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Joanne's Dance Extension is proud to be affiliated with Dance Masters of AmericaCecchetti Council of America, Dance Educators of America, and USA Gymnastics. Our staff has received many awards both individually and as a whole. We would love for you to learn about our family! 

Our dedicated faculty is full of highly trained dance and acrobatic instructors. The Joanne's Dance Extension Faculty is one of the most welcoming groups you will ever meet. We take pride in our staff's ability to teach our students valuable life lessons as well as wonderful dance technique. Our staff is respectful and teaches every unique child in a way that works best for them.​​

At Joanne's Dance Extension, we strive to give everyone the opportunity to express themselves through dance. Be it a mental health struggle, a disability, or anything in between; we offer classes for students to experience the joys of dancing. Our staff members have additional credentials to offer classes for those with special needs, and have been recognized for our program's success. 


To provide a safe, nurturing, technique-based, student-centered environment for our dancers

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Celebrating 40 years of dance excellence!

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Specializing in young dancers, Joanne's Dance Extension instills a love and appreciation for the art of dance on the simplest of terms: Joy. Our students are always happy to come to class, and learn something new each session.

Parents can rest assured that their child's long-term health is not being compromised during each class. Their child is learning skills that will help them to be successful in all aspects of life. 

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